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Category: Power Transmission, Generation and Storage

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Table Top Autoclave
Table Top Autoclave
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Chemical Process Pump
Chemical Process Pump
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Truck Mounted Crane
Truck Mounted Crane
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Threaded Flange
Threaded Flanges are unsuited for conditions involving temperature or bending stresses of any magnitude, particularly under cyclic conditions, where leakage through the threa...
Three Phase Motors – 4 Pole M...
A motor with a continuous series of three overlapping AC cycles offset by 120 degrees. Three-phase power is used for all large AC motors and is the standard power supply that...
Armature generally refers to one of the two principal electrical components of an electromechanical machine - a motor or generator, but may also mean the pole piece of a perm...
Ffv Vertical Upward Type Gear...
The housing is totally dust proof and oil tight , shaft is made of high grade alloy steel, Superio
Radial Flow 8” Submersible Pu...
Submersible Bore Well Pumps are used to pump water from Deep well Drilled under the Ground. Construction of 8" Pump in Complete SS sheet metal and also in Noryl impeller and ...
Electro Magnetic Brake
Electromagnetic brake is ideal for emergency brakes in the automotive industry. It is based on the electromagnetic principle that ensures safe operation and effective handli...
DC Servo Motor
A servomechanism or servo is an automatic device that uses error-sensing feedback to correct the performance of a mechanism.
Liquid-Cooled AC Drive
The liquid-cooled Vacon NXP is our most space-saving AC drive, well suited for locations where air-cooling would be diffi cult or expensive, or where the installation space ...
Bearing Mounted Clutch
Electromagnetic Clutch is ideal for emergency brakes in the automotive industry. It is based on the electromagnetic principle that ensures safe operation and effective handli...
Cooling Tower Motors
“Cooling Tower Motors” are used in cooling Towers of Air conditioning and refrigeration plants. These motors are unique in design.

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