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Photometer Photometer

HI 93101 has been designed to perfectly fit into the palm of your hand.The meter weighs less than 300 grams and has a long battery life, ideal for spot checks.
BAK131 HI 93101 Price On Request HANNA
Photometer Photometer

This photometer measures the amount of peroxide present during the production of Olive Oil.
BAK132 HI 83730 Price On Request HANNA
pH Photometer with 555 nm LED pH Photometer with 555 nm LED

The HI 93104 is specifically designed for swimming pool and spa applications. This rugged meter features the four most common parameters for these applications.
BAK126 HI 93104 Price On Request HANNA
Ammonia Photometer with 470 nm LED Ammonia Photometer with 470 nm LED

HANNA offers three instruments for low, medium and high concentrations: HI 93700 with a range of 0.00 to 3.
BAK249 HI 93700 Price On Request HANNA
Wall Mounted TDS Controller Wall Mounted TDS Controller

HI 9934 also provides for an alarm relay. The alarm is activated when the measurements exceed the set point by a user-selectable margin in the 50 to 450 ppm range.
BAK562 HI 9934-1 Price On Request HANNA
Conductivity Process Controller Conductivity Process Controller

This instrument allows conductivity measurements without any electrical contact between electrodes and process fluid.
BAK148 HI720 Price On Request HANNA
Microprocessor-based pH and ORP Controllers Microprocessor-based pH and ORP Controllers

The mV 600 controllers have been engineered with the same outstanding features as the pH 500 meters. The microprocessor memory is fully programmable and has a 3 month backup power supply.
BAK144 mV 600121-1 Price On Request HANNA
pH Controllers with Matching Pin and PID Controller pH Controllers with Matching Pin and PID Controller

The pH 502 series of controllers offer many features to increase the level of control available in your plant.
BAK140 mV502 Price On Request HANNA
Free and Total Chlorine Photometer with 555 nm LED Free and Total Chlorine Photometer with 555 nm LED

Chlorine is the most commonly used water disinfectant. Applications vary from treatment of drinking water and wastewater to pool and spa sanitization and food processing to sterilization.
BAK103 HI 93701 Price On Request HANNA
Copper Photometer Copper Photometer

HI 93702 with a resolution of 0.01 mg/L.A high concentration is toxic for plants and animals, which accounts for its rigorous monitoring by the authorities and in industry.
BAK565 HI 93702 Price On Request HANNA
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